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Happy New Year Dear Reader 
Well it's been quite a while since I put finger to keyboard to discuss The Mighty Toots and their quest for Footballs Top Tier in an all conquering run of matches defeating all that fall before them...ish
Been really busy at work and being under the weather meaning I've not been my usual "Happy go lucky self".  My new job role as Prince Andrews PR advisor seems to be going really well though, so I'll try and be a bit more blogy from now on.
In my absence, hopefully you will have seen the stuff those cheeky chaps at South London Is Black and White have been putting up on their excellent page thus allowing me to lead a Blog few weeks while dealing with other things.

Please contact them if you want to help or add anything to what they do and make sure you follow them on Twitter as well.

 A number of people send stuff on to be put online including players and coaching staff as well as supporters both new to the club and old grumpy regulars. Far better than my bitter and twisted rubbish and some of them seem to know a fair bit about football which again make a nice change from my wild guess work about what happens.

The travelling Bog End at Northwood proving that having a good education and following Toots does not often go hand in hand
As some of you know I run the Club Shop, when I say shop I mean the moss covered old wooden table which is inside the ground by the turnstiles at Fortress Imperial. I'd like to thank everyone who has bought stuff, which has helped the Supporters Club to pass on funds for training equipment and allowed us the donate merchandise to various groups and people and allowing us the spread the word about Tooting and Mitcham. I'll be getting new stock in shortly and hope to have a new range of scarves for sale soon.

New club shop stock available Mid February

The other thing which happens when running the table is that I miss the  first few minutes of the game putting stuff away or helping out with other stuff by the entrance. This as regular Terrors will tell you means I miss the team going one nil down within the first five minutes of each home game.
Or in the case of the resent Chipstead game by the time I'd put the club shop stuff away and gone to have a wee wee Toots were already two nil down.

It's a bit of a mystery how we can play so well away from home and win some really noticeable games and seem to go out of our way to balls things up at home.
But as anyone following Tooting and Mitcham will tell you that giving early goals away has been the case for the last few years. At the time of writing we have lost two home games on the trot after going down early on. Our away form still keeping us in with a good shout of the play offs but this does need to be sorted out sooner rather than later if we are to finish in the Play Off places at the end of the season. Away from home is a totally different matter. The games away at Chertsey Town and Northwood being brilliant days out for the travelling Bog End. If you do get the chance to get to an away match you'll find that we regularly take good numbers to most matches and we are rather vocal when visiting the Morris Dancing villages from Surrey and Middlesex.

Good to see Lee from The St. Matthew Project becoming a regular at Terrors home games which gives us both a chance to have a good moan about life in general which seems to act as much needed counselling sessions for us both. Along with Besty from the South London is Black and White mob he seems to think that he has brought bad luck to Fortress Imperial when he turns up. But I can assure them both that Tooting and Mitcham are quite capable of losing games no matter who turns up to cheer them on

Please have a look at the great work they do  by clicking on the link below

St. Matthews Project

Give them a follow on Twitter as well

I'll finish on a really positive note. There is a real good feeling about the place now and that is taking into consideration that we've just lost yet another home game. Crowds are still looking good and been growing this season. More and more new faces coming through the turnstiles and more people getting involved behind the scenes. Another special mention for all the regulars and staff from The Ramble Inn at Tooting who have turned up to home and away games over the last few seasons.
There are some good people following the team and there is a far better atmosphere at Tooting games than I'll admit there has been in the past. The club has come on in leaps and bounds off the pitch and that is all thanks to people who help out in various ways. Far too many to mention on here and I always worry that I'll forget to thank someone  but a big Hackbridge kiss to all of you x

Come along and make a difference. Say hello if you see me flogging badges and fridge magnets
You can't miss me.

Up The Terrors !!!!!!!

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