Thursday, August 22, 2019

Here We Go

Right Dear Reader.... The friendlies are done and dusted and the real stuff begins. The summer holidays are nearly over and I'm ready for action. Beach Body Ready !!!!
                           Hackbridge Harry.... Beach body ready on the banks of the Wandle
Quite a few around in the Victor Meldrew South Central are tipping us to do well and the sense of self belief around Fortress Imperial amongst  the Black and White hoards is very positive.... So what could possibly go wrong.
First up was one of out furthest trips "Up Norf" to the land of the Wildlings, White Walkers, Whippets and coal mines....Hertford. Plenty of travelling Toots making the journey up the A1 to bolster the 160 crowd. One managing to tear his shorts outside the Wetherspoons in the town and then had to make a quick shopping trip around town to buy more clothing to cover his dignity.... Also found out that a couple of our fans made to trip to Harlow instead of Hertford. Both sober by the way who then had to get a cab over to the correct ground and match. I won't mention their names as I don't want to cause any embracement to Phil and Duncan Nightingale. Or Mitch the trouser ripper. Special mention to Besty and his choice of head gear. The man has a eye for fashion that many can never match in the world of male grooming and design.
Land of the Wildlings, White Walkers, Whippets
Hertford's pitch was dreadful and I was told that a number of issues behind the scenes there has lead to a number of problems there including the upkeep of the pitch. A shame as I've enjoyed games against them. This pretty much stopped our normal quick passing game and certainly had an bearing on the rest of the match. Toots scoring an 85 minute goal to take the three points which we deserved after a couple of great saves from the Hertford goalie and a few quite stunning misses. Good to see Omari Hibbert score and yet again DMG had another fantastic game. So a long drive back to Hackbridge Towers with massive grins on our faces for me and Ant.
Next up were Ashford Town at Fortress Imperial for our second league game of the season. 250 turning out on a lovely summer night to watch the Terrors win 3-1 in a game which they pretty much dominated with an excellent performance over the visitors. Toots had to play in their plum away strip due to problems getting the Victor Meldrew logos etc on the normal black and white kit. Not sure one bit about betting  companies getting involved with sponsership side of football and the possible influence they can have on games but that's a topic for people more knowledgable people than me..Hady scoring the first after six minutes with David Castanho getting the 2nd after Ashford had equalised with a brilliant diving header. Danny B settling any lingering nerves with the third.
Great to see the team carrying on the fast flowing football shown during the pre season and which hopefully will keep us in the hunt for the play offs. Although we still have a long way to go and as anyone who has supported TMUFC over the years will tell you we can never take things for granted, but this feels good.
THE HORROR....... THE HORROR.........
More new faces showing up at games and the social media side of things is getting better and better at Toots. Not my stuff obviously... God forbid I start coming across as normal and rational on here or on twitter. Please follow @hackbridgeharry for all the Dulwich and Sutton trolling you could ever want.
If you need a little more of a sensible view on Tooting and Mitcham, please pay a visit to those cheeky chaps at South London Is Black and White a visit
And of course the perfect antidote to Sky and the BBC..... Bog End Ant and his Youtube Vlog
Always worth a visit
One of the main things that stops people coming to watch Non League Football is the idea that some have is that it is no better than pub football or watching a kick about in a local park. There is some great football to be watched all around the country and at a faction of the price of watching VAR slowly kick all the fun out of scoring goals in the so called elite leagues. The joy of seeing the ball hit the back of the net and the fans celebrations all taken away by technology and so the media pundits can spend hours discussing incidents again and again to see and work out if Harry Kane nose was offside or a Burnley player had one of this six toes parallel  with the linesman flag. Football is such an exciting but simple game why ruin it and take away the best part of the whole experience. VAR could however be the best thing for Non League over the country as people get to see how it will kill the game. Plus the fact that you will have paid so much money for a match ticket to have a robot tell you when to cheer or not. We never did really work out how the Cylon Robots became so powerful in Battlestar Galactica or how the Cybermen built their space and time empire in Dr Who but mark my words, I often check my crystal ball and  VAR could just be the start of mankinds demise.  
Well will the mighty Toots rise like a majestic firey Phoenix into the top reaches of the Victor Meldrew South Central division or end up like a one legged pigeon eating cold kebab meat off a South London pavement, only time will tell. But join us on the Bog End to find out Dear Reader.... You are missing out on some good football if you choose to stay at home and watch Sky and the BBC kill the game we all love....

Up The Stripes !!!!!

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