Saturday, December 15, 2018

Moist in Molesey

A Rather artist photo of myself looking reflectively from the terraces of Fortress Imperial.

Sods law... One nil up and pretty much bossing the opposition and looking like getting another three points and the game gets called off because of a bit of a damp patch. When you get to my age damp patches can be a bit of a problem but to call off and abandon a glorious chance for TMUFC to climb the table towards footballing greatness was a massive punch in the nuts.

On arrival at Moist Molesey, just before Noah and his big boat turned up in the local High Street

Ok, I'll admit it was fucking freezing and pissing down with rain and the goal mouth looked like an adventure playground for wart hogs but just another 45 minutes of rain soaked football was just what the travelling Terrors wanted but the snowflake ref  decided that the goal mouth we were to be attacking reminded him of the Battle of the Somme and called the game off. Sods Law. In all honesty, it was the right thing to do as it was becoming obvious that the pitch was getting more and more waterlogged. Still a sickener as we were winning.  

Many of the travelling Terrors were talking about the fact that Molesey are a bit of a bogey club to the mighty Toots, but we have so many of those that it's not really worth worrying about superstitions and doom laden historical defeats as we have had so many of those over the years to various clubs around the South East of England.

A great result the week before against Uxbridge was also played in the rain but us South London types are made of harder stuff than those delicate little cherubs from near Hampton Court and we took 3 points of those Heathrow Herberts with a 4-2 win which included perhaps the goal of the season from Daryl  Coleman. The team is playing with great skill and confidence now.
Yet again Tooting and Mitcham managed to go down one nil in the first couple of minutes but fought back well to take all three points. The doom, gloom and misery which came from the Bog End terraces and stands has been replaced with a new sense of self belief that the corner has been turned and that there is a chance of making the play offs.

Click on the link below for an excellent Blog from Bog End Ant.

@Bogendant1959 Video Blog

Also if you are on Twitter or Facebook please follow the Official TMUFC pages and accounts as they are always good for video clips and brilliant photos of all of our games.
Now for another plug for the excellent book written by Jeff Brooks based around  the 1959 FA Cup game against Nottingham Forest "We Woz Robbed In '59 - Tooting and Mitcham United's epic 1958/59 season" and the build up and aftermath of the match. Price £10.00. A great bit of the local history of both Tooting and Mitcham and a great read.

Here's Jeff with a plug for his book taken from the "Bog End Forum"
The older members of this Forum ( ie most of you ! ) will recall that, back in 2002, I wrote and published a book " Tooting On The Move - A Farewell To Sandy Lane ". Well, I have been at it again. My new book " We Woz Robbed In '59 - Tooting and Mitcham United's epic 1958/59 season , set to a background of social events of the time " is due to go off to the printers later this week. I hope to have some copies with me for sale, at £10-00 each, at the home game v Uxbridge on Saturday 8th. December. Copies will also be available to buy by post. As the title implies the book is not just about the club's season but also about what was going on locally at the time - music, employment, politics crime, etc. About 115 pages, lots of photographs. Hopefully, a good read !

We will have copies on sale at Home Games for £10.00

If you want to order a copy by post either
1- send an e-mail to - giving your postal address and send payment of £ 14-90 ( £10-00 plus £4-90 for second class post in a padded envelope ) ,by bank giro transfer, to J S Brooks, 09-01-28, a/c no.46895124, giving your name as reference, or
2- write to Jeff at 24, Alderfield, Petersfield, Hants., GU32 3LH, giving your postal address and enclosing a cheque for £ 14-90, made payable to J S Brooks.

Robbed in 59

We can now officially say goodbye to the squatters who have now left the banks of the Wandle and are heading back to Champion Hill. I personally hope all there off field problems are over and the future of the club is safe. One thing that has been obvious since playing in the South Central Division is how many clubs manage to survive on very little crowds and small support and how important the various club volunteers are to keeping their respective clubs going. We always need help over at Tooting and Mitcham doing various stuff. Please help if you can in any way shape or form. Every little helps. Dulwich proved how important this can be in their resent struggles.  

Think I've just about warmed up and dried out after our little trip today.... Still I'd rather stand cold and wet on a rain soaked terrace watching Tooting and Mitcham in mid December than go anywhere near a supermarket full of angry Christmas shoppers looking for cheap shite presents for friends or family and on that thought provoking piece of Wandle Wisdom
I'll say goodbye and if I don't get back on here shortly, hope you all have a groovy Christmas and New Year xxx


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