Sunday, November 18, 2018

The 93rd Minute - More tales of my footballing life

Well the fun had to stop at some time didn't it. The happiness, joy and smiles that have had me walking around Hackbridge grinning like a lunatic have now left as I walk the streets of Beddington Corner avoiding the dog poo with tears in my eyes thinking back over the last few matches. Four games in the week that would test my love of the game and the power of my wallet to survive. As I write this on Sunday evening I feel liked I've been punched in the testicles by Anthony Joshua and I'm skint.

First up on Saturday 10th November came the Vikings from the frozen North, Ware FC who arrived at Fortress Imperial with a game plan of kicking our players off the park and they very nearly succeeded with what was could only be described as the right thuggish performance. Football is a contact sport but this was like watching the start of "Saving Private Ryan" as our players were hacked down at every given opportunity and watched by the match officials who seemed quite happy to watch two of our players get taken off with what looked like at the time, serious injuries. Yes of course we had not helped ourselves by having a player sent off for twatting one of theirs and letting Ware score if the 1st minute but they really were horrible.

Right at the end we were awarded a penalty which sent the very vocal Bog End into raptures as we looked to get at least a point from the game in which the Terrors had shown great team sprint after playing with ten men for most of the game. Of course we missed the bloody thing Peter Wedgeworth forcing a great save from their goalie who was the one Ware player who came out of the day with any dignity at all.... Then in the 93rd minute, again Peter Wedgeworth stepped up and sent a free kick on the edge of the box into the top corner which sent the Bog End mental. So we took a point from the game which can either be viewed as two points dropped or a point gained with an injury time goal. Anyway I left the ground with a big grin on my stunningly handsome face. Things were definitely looking better after the results at the start of the season. But dear reader, it was not to last.

Next up on Tuesday, the second round of the London Senior Cup tie and the visit of massive party poopers Harrow Borough. This a cup  many Terrors look forward to and is a competition which the club has a good record in. Those horrible sods took no notice of our feelings and stuffed us 5-2 in a quite one sided game. When ever you go out of the cup you can come out with the old footballing chestnut of "We can concentrate on the league now" or "The cup isn't important these days" but in truth we all want to win things or at least have a good cup run. I had spent most of the game sorting out the club shop so in the next few weeks hopefully we will be able to supply Tooting and Mitcham oven gloves, Bog End brand leather underpants and key rings.

I had a non league break on Thursday and headed up to Wembley for the England v USA friendly.
A number of clubs and groups in South West London had been kindly been given free tickets which had been arranged by Tooting's Labour MP , Dr Rosena Allin-Khan. Great to see loads of people at Wembley who would not normally ever get the chance to go to the stadium. (Tooting and Mitcham supporters). Good job the tickets were free if you did intend to get anything to eat or drink in the stadium or near by. I paid 8 quid for two portions of chips outside which were rank. Crisps, coffee and a Fanta in the ground didn't leave me with much change out of 20 quid. Just to think the FA want to give Scudamore a golden hand shake of 5 million. Should give him shares in the catering contract at Wembley instead of asking for cash of those hard strapped Premiership clubs.
Never really ever got into watching international football as I find it often brings out the worse in some people, but it was an enjoyable evening and I'm happy to say that I didn't see any white plastic chairs thrown in anger.

Off to the England game wearing my lucky World Cup 1966 coat.

The last game of the week was a trip down the A3 to Woking to play a league game against Westfield. They had just been promoted from the Combined Counties and were sitting happily in mid table. Nice little ground near to their neighbours Woking who play about half a mile away. Last time I wrote about Woking I mentioned the towns Modfather Paul Weller so I was a little worried that  Big Bad Paul and his funny haircut might turn up for a tear up... But he bottled it. Wanker.
I think I'm right in saying that it was their biggest crowd so far this season who witnessed a dire match from a TMUFC perspective. The Terrors going one nil up in the first couple of minutes which I missed as I was in the loo. Unluckily for me I was not in the toilet for the next 90 or so minutes as an attack of diarrhoea would have been a more fun filled way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Westfield equalising in the 74th minute and deep down the travelling Terrors knew what would happen. In the 93rd minute a corner was not cleared properly giving Westfield one last shot which went through a pack of player into the net. Can't really moan as Luke Colquhoun in the Tooting goal had kept us in the game with some great saves but losing to an injury time goal hurts never the less.
Westfield were a lovely club and kindly let me win a bottle of Jamaican Rum in their match day raffle.

Things could always be worse, you could be sitting in the back seat of this car getting a lift home after the Westfield game..

Well. Next up for yours truly is the visit from our friends from Corinthian Casuals in the Surrey Senior Cup, one of our local rivals who are more than holding their own in the Bostik Premiership which makes our car crash of a season last year even more hard to take. This Cup is really our only realistic hope of a trophy for this season. Fingers crossed that those posh gits take pity on us and play one of their schoolboy teams as a act of good will...... Tune into the next blog to find out if I'll be "Happy" or "Grumpy" or maybe one of the other "Seven Dwarfs"... Is there one called "Miserable Sod" or "Twatty" ?

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