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Now that's what I call Tooting and Mitcham.

Tooting and Mitcham Supporters Club are proud to announce the CD and MP3 download event of the season :


Now that’s what I call Tooting and Mitcham


10 top tunes by some of music’s top international superstars and their songs inspired by watching the Terrors over the years. The perfect soundtrack for when your in the car after another away day defeat or sitting on a Thames link train reading the programme while sitting next to a tramp.
Sit back and relax and take a trip down memory lane and these fun filled tunes


  1. Hank Williams – “Tears by the Banks of the Wandle”
  2. Leonard Cohen – “Hallelujah, We got a corner”.
  3. New Order - “Beddington Sewage Plant”
  4. Lou Reed – “Night Terrors”
  5. Woody Guthrie – “Dulwich Got Promoted Blues”.
  6. Toots and the Maytals – “P6 - W1 - D1 - L4 was my number”.
  7. Slayer – “Terrorgasm Hate War”
  8. Susan Vega – “Letter to Mishi”
  9. Morrissey – “Oh Saturday, why me”
  10. The Cheeky Girls – “Fuck off Lino you cunt”.




It may be a big surprise to many of you how many famous faces have been regulars at TMUFC over the years. To celebrate this, the Supporters Club are to release a ground breaking CD showcasing the many talented bands and song writers that have graced the terraces and stands of Tooting and Mitcham over the years. Many have claimed that watching the club has brought out the best music of their entire musically careers.

While standing on the terraces at Tooting and Mitcham with other supporters it’s easy to see where the artistic process starts and where the path to musical greatness begins.


Folk legend Woody Guthrie often visited Tooting and Mitcham when touring the UK often saying how much he enjoyed the togetherness with the blue collar working class support that would stand together united on the terraces on a Saturday calling the referee a fat twatty bastard.

Lou Reed wrote his classic number “Night Terrors” after doing a combination of glue and heroin before drinking two cans of Special Brew during a Surrey Senior Cup tie against Leatherhead and then mistakenly getting the wrong tram at the Mitcham Tram Stop and ending up in Elmers End instead of Wimbledon. It was considered by many as one of his best songs after leaving the Velvet Underground.

Morrissey was often spotted at games gazing into the distance and thinking up sad and romantic lyrics while standing on the terraces at Sandy Lane. It is often said that Morrissey became vegan after watching Dave Irons eating a burger at Horsham one year. The haunting words of "Oh Saturday, why me, We scored one but those tossers scored three". are one that football fans from all clubs can relate too making this the prefect gift for anyone who watches Non League Football. Apart from Dulwich fans as they can make their own fucking CD... and probably have anyway. Bastards

Singer song writer and poet Leonard Cohen and Dave Lombardo, the drummer with hard-core thrash band Slayer both worked in Poundland in Mitcham during the late 80’s and were both often seen together at Sandy Lane drinking cider shouting at the match officials from the stands.

Country music superstar Hank Williams lived in Hackbridge for many years and wrote many of his most soul searching and reflective songs while getting pissed in the Goat Pub and wondering why he moved to Hackbridge in the first place. Going to watch Tooting and Mitcham helped him get over the troubling period in his very troubled life. One can only imagine the joy watching TMUFC gave him and this often showed in the lyrics of his later work.

Susan Vega was another regular at Terrors games before moving back to her native New York. Her classic song “Letter to Mishi” was penned after unsuccessfully trying to arrange a punch up between Dulwich hooligans and thugs based over at Tooting. Who can possibly forget her appearance on "The Real Football Factories" with Danny Dyer.

The New Order track “Beddington Sewage Plant” was written by Bernard Sumner and Peter Hook after their car broke down after a game with Chipstead and they had to wait for over six hours for the AA. Both claiming later that the 3-0 defeat and broken clutch were instrumental in both the lyrics and computerised drum beat. This unfortunately lead to the split in the band which still lingers today.

The Cheeky Girls were regulars at Imperial Fields until Monica was placed on a football banning order after a fight in the club bar at an away fixture at Ramsgate and then threatening to glass the referee during a home match with Tilbury.


We are still trying to sort out the cover artwork but the cover is likely to be various members of the “Bog End” dressed only in their underwear in an attempt to get more sales over the Christmas Period, either that or a bloke crying into his beer while sitting in the Witherspoons in Tooting Broadway, or we might just stick to the space thingy one nicked off the internet.

Legal Notice: Some of the information on this Blog was taken from Wikipedia and may need verification


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